Hot summer in Croatia... Found this small deliciousness in the beer section of some big store and brought it to the beach in Murter. The sea was clear and beautiful, and after an hour of snorkelling, a beer comes like nice refreshment. Off course I didn't have a glass on the beach, but who cares. The beer is very tasty, slip through my trot easily and too fast I have to say. Nice aroma, golden colour, mild bitter and slightly sweet taste with hint of citrus, not too much, just the right and with perfect bubbliness... I definitely recommend to try it.

Brewing: Pivovarni Laško
Country: Slovenia

Style: Lager
Fermentation: Bottom-fermented beer
Alcohol: 5.0%
Gravity: 11.3 ° P

Hops : Citra

Final remarks: Special №01 Citra Lager is the Craft Beer specialty produced by the Slovenian Pivovarna Laško. It's part of the brewery's selection of breweries that they are trying to challenge other similar beers.