A bottom fermented smokebeer brewed in Schlenkerla, a historic brewpub in Bamberg, Germany. Dark brown mahogany color, strong smoky smell with a caramel note, remind on fried bacon so you can think you have a meal in the bottle. The taste will follow the smell with slightly hop bitterness.

I am sorry that I didn't have an opportunity to make fire and grill while drinking this beer. If you didn't try something like that I definitely recommend this beer.

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen

Country Germany
Brewery  Schlenkerla
Type Lager
Style Smokebeer (Rauchbier)
Colour Dark brown, mahogany 
Smell A strong smoky smell on grilled bacon with a caramel note
Taste Smoky bacon with a hint of moderate bitterness
Bitterness Medium-bodied
Original gravity 13.2°P
Alcohol content 5.1 %