Walking in the store and seeing this beauty on the middle shelf, I just had to buy it. Happily rushing home I was imagining how it taste like... Is it bitter? Is it strong? It's gotta be malty... And it was, although by it's name I was expecting little bit more. 

The Daddy of all stouts - imperial stouts are the best way to showcase how dark malts can impart truly unique flavours to beer. It is the combination of the high alcohol and a much higher proportion of dark malts that gives the beer its unmistakable character. An intense flavour of liquorice, dried fruits and caramel-coated chocolate with some light coffee. This beer has complexity beyond what is usually expected in any beer. This complexity develops over time as the beer is bottle conditioned. I recommend buying at least two, one for today and one for a years’ time.

This beer is bottle-conditioned, which means that the carbonation has been created by the yeast which remains in the beer. Yeast would usually be filtered out of beer, but creating bubbles in beer by using the yeast is a very natural and traditional approach. The remaining yeast in the beer will also keep working and slowly develop the flavours over time.

O'Hara's Imperial Stout

Country Ireland
Brewery Carlow Brewing Company
Type Traditional Imperial Stout
Colour Dark almost opaque with tanned head
Smell Light hop with caramel, nut and coffee
Taste Hint of liquorice, caramel and roasted nuts
Foam silky and smooth
Bitterness full-bodied stout
Original gravity 23°P
Alcohol content 10 %
Volume 375 ml Bottle

O'Hara's Imperial StoutO'Hara's Imperial Stout